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Rocklin, CA

The NorCal-Reno Tesla Owners' Club is intended to share information and promote community for owners in the region.


Co-Pilot Program

We understand that everything that makes a Tesla an amazing vehicle can also be a bit overwhelming.  The Co-Pilot Program is free program designed to help new owners ramp up quickly on topics like home charging, planning road trips and tips and tricks for the many features in your new Tesla.  There are three resources available through the Co-Pilot Program:

  1. The Co-Pilot Manual is an online resource that covers the most common questions new owners have
  2. If you have an occasional question, you can send us an email that will be answered by one of our seasoned owners
  3. If you feel you need more personal support, we have 1:1 mentoring available

The Co-Pilot Manual

An easy-to-read guide for new owners to help you get the most out of your new car.


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1:1 Mentoring Request

Get personal mentoring from an experienced Tesla owner.

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Is this your first electric vehicle?


Is it really that hard to learn what you need to know about electric vehicles?

No! We all started not knowing anything. 

Think of it like this: We learned about checking oil and pumping gas and everything necessary for owning a gas-fuel vehicle from the backseat of our parents' car. It was just part of life. There's new information that you need to learn about EVs. Not much, but experienced owners can get you up that learning curve really quickly - and only in the areas where you have questions. How much help you receive is totally up to you. And you might gain a new friend at the same time.

What kinds of topics might be covered?

Here are common topics, but it really is up to you

  • Types of adapters
  • Differences between levels of charging
  • Public charging - Smartphone apps, etiquette, costs
  • Home charging - what level of charging, optimal location
  • Roadtrips: Planning, tips & tricks

How much time will this take?

It is up to the individuals involved. If you feel it's taking too much time, just let us know and we'll find a new match. 

What if I'd like to leave the Program or try a different coach?

It happens. Just let us know and we'll handle it .